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The fast and easy way to control

the customer experience


Track Engagement & ROI

Build YOUR campaign, attach the QR Codes and SMS numbers to your media or products and eliminate multiple print runs.

Using the campaign technology you not only receive quality data but you can give your campaigns a lifetime value as when your original campaign finishes you have the ability to change the underlying promotion without changing the QR Code or SMS information.


Swipe and Win Games

Build YOUR customer database


Entice new customers with an exciting addition to traditional advertising. Using the Swipe & Win Technology, new customers can scan a QR Code or Text a codeword you have generated and have a chance to be an instant winner, just by entering their contact details. 

No longer do you require expensive print media to hand to customers, you create the game, you create the prizes and you can have it live in your APP or on your print media ready to excite your entrants straight away! 



Ever wonder what customers are saying about you? Want to improve customer loyalty?

Want real responses from your customers? How about about rewarding your customers if they partake in your surveys! Our platform allows you to create your questions and control who you send the surveys to through SMS, Push or Email. Our powerful analytics can give you the answers to your survey results instantly. By offering exciting rewards your customers will be motivated to provide you the answers you are looking for to make key decisions within your business. 


Eg. Rate your service from 1 - 10 today






Great for time sensitive sales

From moving stock to putting bums on seats, promotions can be used statically on premise or paired with our communications system to assist in handling some of businesses biggest challenges such as time challenged stock, end of lines, overstocks, holiday or event promotions.


Don’t like to discount? That isn’t a problem, we aren’t a deal site and you don’t have to be either, you can choose to upload full priced items/services as well.


Text / Scan / Press

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