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Grow your database

with minimal


There are no hard and fast rules when growing your database; every company is different and therefore every database is different. That’s why YOU control it...It is yours!


Upload your own database to start engaging directly or grow your database by capturing new entries from your traditional marketing.


Whatever level you're at, your platform will take care of handling and maintaining client data leaving you free to focus on your marketing message and business growth.

YOUR data will include the answers for:

> promotions engaged / transactions / ROI

> survey results

> game winners / engagements

> who’s scanning / texting

> demographics

Effortless Segmentation

Database segmentation can save you costs by eliminating wasted communications and marketing sent out to the wrong audience. You'll increase your conversion rates by directing tailored messages to the most appropriate segment of your database.


Set custom rules easily and let the platform take care of the rest.

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