The GMI Platform was created as a state of the art marketing and membership system suitable for all businesses no matter the size. GMI wants to assist businesses in reaching and getting to know their customers through multiple platforms.


The Platform is fully integrated between all users within any business and the objective is to help streamline business marketing and customer awareness with live data from all your customer interaction.

Build promotions and games and see

the results of your creativity instantly

on your mobile.


‘REDSIX is aimed at helping lower the growing suicide rate amongst the veteran community’

The APP was produced to help veterans communicate with their buddies if they are in a bad space. The RED THUMB - A message will be sent to your 3 nominated Battle Buddies.
If they don't respond a signal will be sent out to everyone with the app
within a 50 mile radius.
BLACK THUMB - Will send a call to trained professionals at Open Arms. Based on the initial assessment the police could be actioned.

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