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Including Branded: SMS, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, EMAIL, and Social Media Links. Automatically generated QR Codes and SMS Short Codeword to add to all your print media for ROI tracking.


A specialist Platform that grows customer relationships through your own data.





Streamline the management of an easy to use APP from any device giving you time to focus on your business growth.


Whether you have 1 store; 1 brand with many store locations or an enterprise managing multiple brands across multiple regions, your portal helps you handle it all simply and efficiently.

Everything is integrated. The power of our feedback loop means real time reporting on any activity taken by your customers, which combined with an integrated communications suite means you have the power to take action on any aspect of your marketing and branding.


Swipe and Win & Spin and Win Games, Campaigns & Promotions to engage customers


Using the data segment the targets into demographics and gender


Through Push / Email / SMS

/ Social Media


Know your customers, track your promotions and media through secure and clean data


Your own dedicated apps

Apple / Android / Web


Sell products and services /

Order / Pay on-line


Feedback / Mystery Shopper.

Standard engagement and pictorially interactive surveys.


Pointing customers to their desired store location.


Growth is the lifeblood of business and its most powerful driver is the

relationships a business builds with prospects, customers and partners.

The GMI Platform was created as a state of the art marketing and membership system suitable for all businesses no matter the size. GMI wants to assist businesses in reaching and getting to know their customers through multiple platforms.


The Platform is fully integrated between all users within any business and the objective is to help streamline business marketing and customer awareness with live data from all your customer interaction.

Build promotions and games and see

the results of your creativity instantly

on your mobile.

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Unique requirements that can be tailored to any single, or multi brand enterprise at a regional, national,
or global level.
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Included in Package

1. Platform offers a revolutionary, easy-to-use, fully customised marketing platform with digital marketing communications that creates customer experiences as unique as your brand.

2. Engagement tools such as live instant Swipe & Win Games, Spin & Win Games, Campaigns & Promotions management uploader, and video uploader, to help engage members and customers. You can build all the above in your portal and send directly to all your membership data, or the selected groups you are targeting with QR Codes and SMS smart code word engagement.

3. Communications are effortless through the portal, you can instantly send all your promotions with your totally branded; In-App Push Notifications/  Email platform /  SMS promotion and generated  Social Media Links. The platform also automatically creates unique QR Codes, SMS smart codeword, and social media link platform Smart Codeword, and Social Media links which are connected to the promotions and information you wish to add to your print media or send directly through the platform.

4. Full functionality through your own branded Apple and Android Native apps. You have total control of your business services and products through your platform to manage all your marketing. Including, refer a friend, business rating information, and geographical store location finder.

5. You also receive an In-House Team Platform for the management of all sales and information, delivery, and prize redemption.

6. Target Marketing, Location, Gender / Demographics. You decide what information is important to help grow your business.

7. Secure Data, track your promotions and media with confidence, your data is stored and protected with AWS: well-secured configurations Threat detection & continuous monitoring tools used for Data protection, and database connection strings are encrypted. Identity and Access Management (IAM)  Techniques AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

8. Know where your customers are located and target them with permission-based promotions and offers at a time that suits your business. You are in total control.

9. Your own digital in-app Loyalty card for their Members to receive great loyalty gifts and prizes. No more punch cards and total transparency on which members are engaging. When building the promotions and services, your business selects how many purchases are required to receive the bonus. “Buy five get 1 free” is an example.

10. In-App Surveys, Feedback. Standard questionnaires or pictorially interactive surveys.

  • Just to name some of the functions you will have direct access to.

TRY THE DEMO Text Covered to 0439181818 or Scan the QR Code

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