The fast and easy way to control the customer experience

Enjoy granular control over your customer facing apps. From a single store through to a global multi brand enterprise, seamlessly deploying and tracking content is effortless through your unified dashboard.


Track Engagement & ROI

With uniquely identified products or advertising types and locations it's easy to track engagement, real time ROI and A/B testing on any tangible media or product like never before by combining traditionally flat media or products with any of our integrated marketing items and QR or SMS delivery for high dynamic engagement.

Swipe N' Win Games

You're an Instant Winner!

There is nothing more exciting for your customer than the chance of an instant win! Our Swipe and Win games are designed with the option to set different win variables where you can create instant gratification or suspense for a single big ticket win. No longer do you require expensive print media to hand to customers, you create the game and send it straight to their phone.


If you don't ask...

Surveys are a powerful tool that assist in continuous improvement, strategic decision making, generating insights about employees, your customers, and markets; or aligning your communications with target audiences. It is simple to create and even more simple for your customers to complete. To entice your customer further our platform allows you to attach a promotion which means you’ll gather more data than previously possible.


Great for time sensitive sales

From moving stock to putting bums on seats, promotions used statically on premise or paired with an integrated communications are a powerful way to handle some of businesses biggest challenges such as time challenged stock, end of lines, overstocks, holiday or event promotions.

Don’t like to discount? That isn’t a problem, we aren’t a deal site and you don’t have to be either, you can choose to upload full priced items/services as well.


Instant impact, High Conversion

Instant deliverability, Extremely high open rate, high conversion rate, concise communication - Gets to the point quickly meaning that the data gained has a higher value. Increased sales through a segmented market with and expressed interest in your products. And if the country allows it, we even brand your sms's automatically


The tried and tested platform

Email marketing can be quite complex but still very effective given the right message. We've made it simple with our click and create templates, integrated marketing items, and detailed data reporting. We also keep an eye on your very important email reputation which is unique to you. Keeping your reputation high will help you realise the highest deliverability rates possible and that's as important to us as it is to you.

Push Notifications

Harness the power of Push messaging

Push communications are enabled with the addition of Native apps to your suite. Push messaging is a cost effective, direct but non intrusive way to reach your customers ensuring your message is seen.


Fluid Database Management

Grow your database with minimal effort

Your DWL suite takes the effort out of collecting and maintaining current, active client data. Upload your own database to start engaging directly or grow your database by capturing new entries from your traditional marketing. Whatever level you're at, your suite will take care of handling and maintaining client data leaving you free to focus on your marketing message and business growth.


Effortless Segmentation

Finely defined database segmentation can save you costs via wasted communication, and marketing to the wrong audience while increasing conversion rates by directing your tailored message to the most appropriate segment of your database. Set custom rules easily and let your suite take care of the rest.

Fine Grained Reporting

Having data is the key

Not only having data, but having the ability to react to data in real time can be the difference between success and a lesson learnt. We provide real time and historical data on the performance of your entire enterprise network. You can even view live customer interactions right down to store level from anywhere in the world.