Single Point Enterprise Management.

Enterprise often has unique requirements so we’ve created a modular management approach
that can be tailored to any single, or multi brand enterprise at a regional, national, or global level.

Streamline with Enterprise Link

Enterprise link is the umbrella that joins all your store locations together while adding additional functionality that you can apply to one, many or all of your stores at once.

Multiple store locations under the one umbrella

Simplify and streamline marketing operations by linking all your stores under one primary umbrella. This will give you a single dashboard to handle everything related to all your store locations.

Each store location is a unique entity and can still act as such, however it now operates at a level of access and ability that you assign and can control in real time. At the flick of a switch allow each store to operate independently with full autonomy over marketing and imagery, restrict to only pre approved imagery and pre created marketing items or make them passive, dealing solely with customer traffic generated by you.

This complete separation between stores under one roof makes it easy to compare performances across store locations to see who, or what is performing best. All of this means more time to focus on important tasks that drive business growth.

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Simplify Operations

With your entire business aggregated in one place but with all stores treated as separate entities its easy to assign a level of control to your store managers, products, marketing and communications. Even summary reporting is cleanly separated so even a quick glance gives you a world of data.

Granular Control

Different businesses can have different requirements between stores regarding product availability, store procedures and operating times. Control what is available where and when as easily as select and set at an individual level or at a group level.

Efficient for your customers

With all store locations instantly integrated into your app functionality, customers will always have a choice of store location available at any decision making point, making it easier for your customers to always find a store near them.

Multiple Brands. Multiple Regions. Effortlessly

A multi brand portfolio can span many regions and countries, with different organisational requirements between brands and enterprises. Our DWL suite is built from the ground up with a simple modular approach that caters to any organisational structure.

Manage your entire brand portfolio from one location or segment out brands for complete autonomy at brand level. If need be add limited control or reporting access for sales reps and admin staff. The combinations are endless.

We also know that each brand in your portfolio can have it's own unique requirements as far as rollout, branding requirements, integration, cultural, geographic and customer considerations. Contact us to discuss and solve any organisational requirements you might have.

  • Reduce organisational Overhead

    Marketing departments can consume a lot of organisational overhead. With an integrated streamlined approach we can help make part of your national or global marketing rollout just that much easier and efficient.

  • Quantify Marketing Performance

    Marketing can be a difficult and intangible animal to quantify. Human behaviour, psycology, and a plethora of other factors can have an effect. With the DWL platform you can go a lot further down the path of quantifying ROI figures for marketing spend.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Our secure cloud based platform is infinitely scalable and available worldwide. With robust architecture, the addition or expansion of a brand, a global campaign or heavy customer engagement can be handled with ease.

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