Make customer acquisition, retention and engagement effortless.

Create customer experiences as unique as your brand.

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Today’s customers want to be engaged and excited, our objective is to simplify that process by helping you to build the biggest asset in your business. Your Database.

As a result of building strong relationships and simultaneously expanding membership your business will realise stronger brand value and revenue flow.

Until now there's realistically been no way to quantify traditional marketing practices and most third party applications break the relationship by introducing their brand into the communication and not yours. With our platform you have all the tools in a completely integrated white labelled environment that allows you to seamlessly craft a customer experience that is fresh, engaging and measurable with minimal effort and time.

The time has come to bring your marketing into the future.

Cloud based administration from a single store to a global enterprise

  • Cloud based administrations allow you to streamline the management of your APP from any device giving you the time flexibility to focus on business growth.
  • Whether you have 1 store; 1 brand with many store locations or an enterprise managing multiple brands across multiple regions, your portal helps you handle it all simply and efficiently.
  • Everything is integrated. The power of our feedback loop means real time reporting on any activity taken by your customers, which combined with an integrated communications suite means you have the power to take action on any aspect of your marketing and branding.

The power of dynamic white labelling

From your cloud portal you will dynamically create a white labelled app with any combination of features designed to engage or drive revenue. The powerful HTML 5 app gives instant availability to the widest audience on any device.

Coupled with the additional native app suite you can unlock additional functionality. All this while ensuring brand integrity stays intact throughout the entire customer experience.

What will you create?

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Communication. The most important aspect of any relationship.

With your integrated communication suite comprising Email, Sms and Push* functionality it's as simple click and type to compose a message, attach a marketing component for maximum interaction, and send to a segmented portion of your database.

All communications reporting is captured in real time making it easy to view or act on analytics to see what's working and what's not allowing you to respond to customer sentiment faster than ever before.

* Push requires the native app suite to function

Granular data brings your business into a world of growth and improvement

Campaign Monitoring

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t; That's A/B testing in a nutshell! Running a campaign amongst several media outlets then your campaign tracking shows interaction and calculates ROI on the fly. Finally giving traditional print marketing some accountability.

Real Time Data Feedback

See your customers interacting with your advertising instantly. Receive detailed reports on what customers are responding to. All your reporting starts in summary for fast access to trends and overviews. See something you need to zero in on, just drill down with a few simple clicks to use that information to take direct action.

Reporting Features